Xama Onboarding


Start collecting client identity documents and perform AML checks instantly using HUB. 


Get immediate access to HUB and all its features by signing up for a free account.

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Connect your existing software directly to Xama platform to automate and streamline your KYC processes using our open API or Integromat/Zapier applications.


Pixie users can make use of our partner built integration.


Our team has helped many professional firms streamline their client onboarding process from start to finish. 


Book a demonstration with us to find out how the Xama platform can best work for your firm.


No matter what size your business, the Xama Platform provide a solution for you. Instantly get started for free with HUB or speak to our SOLUTIONS team about streamlining your existing onboarding processes by utilising CONNECT.

Getting Started with HUB

Getting started with Xama HUB is quick and easy.

  • Sign up for a free Xama account.

  • Create your first client in HUB.

  • Customise your logo and customer journey to make it your own.

  • Connect your email account - communication to your customers will never come from Xama.

  • Send out your first onboarding request. Your customer can easily complete their address information and upload their identity document.

  • Use the information submitted by your customer to complete an AML check.

  • Set up a connection to HUB from your favourite CRM or proposal software using our Zapier HUB App.


Get £15 of credit free



Xama provides a simple pay as you go pricing structure. You can buy and top up your Xama Credits as you need them through simple credit card payments.

Xama Credits cost £0.50 (excl. VAT) each and are charged according to each check you wish to perform as per the below schedule. For bulk credit purchases or customised pricing plans, please contact us at info@xamatech.com