Xama Onboarding Solutions

Xama Technologies combines the experience of our development team and background of working with small to medium businesses to provide integrated solutions that work.

Capture details

Capture customer details

Company Checks

Obtain comprehensive company credit reports.

Verify Identitiy

Gather and verify identity documents.

Tailored Journeys

Tailor onboarding journeys to your needs

AML Checks

Perform anti money laundering checks.

Pay as you go

Only pay for what you use

No matter what size your business, the Xama Onboarding service will provide you with easy access to industry leading products. Integrate it into your CRM software, your own custom platform or a simple Google sheet, whatever suits your needs!

Easy implementation of onboarding features

Our Xama Onboarding service provides you with an easy way to gather information from your prospective clients. This is done via hosted forms which are further integrated into industry leading partner products. 

The Xama Onboarding service will enable you to:

  • Securely and easily gather information from your customer 

  • Capture and authenticate identity documents.

  • Perform Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks.

  • Run extensive company credit reports.

  • Set up direct debit mandates with your customers.

Historically integrating your onboarding processes with a range of different products would have been expensive and time consuming. Our service completely changes this.

Improve your own business

Our service makes it simple to implement highly sophisticated onboarding functionality into your existing business processes.​


Xama Onboarding is suitable for small to medium enterprises in many different sectors. As it is highly configurable you can adjust your client onboarding journeys to suit the requirements for your industry and business.


Whether you use our Zapier application to get up and running instantly or make use of our simple API you will be able to improve your onboarding process.

Implementation Partners

If you offer consultancy services within an industry such as accountancy, law or real estate, where your clients require an onboarding process for their customers, you may be interested in becoming an implementation partner. 


As an implementation partner you will receive training and gain earning potential, all while streamlining the onboarding process for your customers. 


Our easy to use interfaces mean that you need no development expertise to get started!

Platform Partners

Do you offer an application aimed at subscribers who need to perform onboarding actions such as company credit or AML checks? Our service will make offering such features from within your platform seamless and easy, costing you a fraction of the investment required to build the functionality yourself. 


Your subscribers will have a seamless experience within your application without knowing that you rely on our service to provide a flexible onboarding experience.

Get Started

 Be up and running with an integrated onboarding solution within hours.​ 

1. Open a Xama Onboarding account

Simply use the below contact us form to request a Xama Onboarding account. Once your account has been created we will issue you with the following:

  • A Xama Onboarding client and client id.

  • Credentials for securely accessing the Xama Onboarding service.

  • Access and detailed guidance for using our Zapier application to get started using the onboarding service instantly.

  • All the documentation your developers may need to get started with using our API. 


Xama Onboarding is a pay as you go service. Only pay for our service when you need it with no minimum monthly or annual commitment. As you use our service you will consume Xama Credits which can be topped up whenever you need them.

2. Integrate:
-Zapier Integrations:

By using our Zapier application you can integrate the Xama Onboarding service with applications such as Pipedrive, Clio or Salesforce without having to spend any time on development. Once you have been provided with an account and client credentials, you will be able to create flexible onboarding journeys and meet your compliance needs.

Not confident using Zapier? Let us or one of our implementation partners support you. Please indicate in the sign-up form that you are interested to connect with us regarding implementation support. 

-Direct API Use - Developers:

A simple to use API, along with Swagger documentation and a Postman collection, will be made available to you.  

As with Zapier integrations you only need to pay for what you use and there is no long term commitment.

Platform Partner Specific Information-

We provide an enhanced service to platform partners to make seamless integration into your platform possible.


If you would like to speak to us about becoming a platform partner, open an account using the contact us form below and indicate to us that you are interested in becoming a platform partner. We will evaluate your requirements, upgrade your account and ensure you have all the support that you need whilst integrating our service into your platform.


Sign up for an onboarding account

What would you like to use the Xama Onboarding service for:

Xama Technologies combines the experience of our development team and background of working with small to medium businesses to provide integrated solutions that work.

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