Xama Technologies combines the experience of our development team and background of working with small businesses to provide small to medium enterprises with integrated solutions that work.

Xama Products

Xama Technologies offer a flexible service to enhance and integrate the onboarding process into existing business processes and software.

Seamlessly capture details from your customers, including identity documents. Verify documents using industry leading products and perform anti money laundering checks.

Ensure you're not at unnecessary risk by performing credit checks on your prospective customers and set up direct debit mandates with your customers from the start.

Do all of the above without having to spend any time on development. See how simple it is to enrich your onboarding processes using the Xama Onboarding service.

The Xama portal allows you to establish a secure connection to your suppliers. By sending invitations and collecting information from your suppliers securely you will meet your GDPR requirements and reduce the risk of fraud.

The Xama Portal is currently open to beta customers and will be enhanced with features to make transacting between you, your suppliers and your customers seamless. With a seamless integration to Xero, setup can be completed in minutes. Features to look forward to are:

  • Integration of our Onboarding service to provide credit and identity checks on your customers.

  • Visibility of invoice approvals and payments will reduce credit control queries from your suppliers.

  • Integrate open banking to make payments to your suppliers.

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01 / Integrate

Our solutions can streamline processes within your business by connecting the systems on which you rely day to day. We will automate processes like creation of invoices or reconciliation of payments between your accounting software and peripheral tools.

02 / Enhance

Do your solutions enable you to do most of what you need in your business but leave you wishing they could do more? We develop applications which neatly fit into your ecosystem of products and provide the missing functionality that you wish you had.

03 / Build

We are building innovative products that aim to disrupt the way small and medium businesses operate. Did you think that only big businesses could have access to enterprise features? Well Xama Technologies are aiming to change that.

For Businesses

Does your business need a custom integration or solution? 

We are always keen to investigate your challenges and see if we can offer advice or a software solution to fit your needs.

For Platforms

Customers expect integration into their accounting software, whether entry level solutions such as Xero, or Enterprise level. 

Do what you do best. Would you prefer to focus on your core business delivery rather than being diverted into building integrations?

Contact us for advice or how we might be able to develop integrations from your on-line platform to those systems most requested by your customers and potentially open up additional sales channels.

Capture details

Capture customer details

Company Checks

Obtain comprehensive company credit reports.

Verify Identitiy

Gather and verify identity documents.

Tailored Journeys

Tailor onboarding journeys to your needs

AML Checks

Perform anti money laundering checks.

Pay as you go

Only pay for what you use

Xama Technologies combines the experience of our development team and background of working with small to medium businesses to provide integrated solutions that work.

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