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​Account Management

I haven't received my verification email: Verification emails can take up to 60 seconds to be received. Occasionally this email may be found in your junk folder. If you have waited 60 seconds and cannot locate the email please contact us at ;xamaportal@xamatech.atlassian.net I forgot my password: Please contact us at xamaportal@xamatech.atlassian.net


I think an invitation is missing from my feed, why would this be? Common reasons an invitation may not show up on your feed

  • Someone from your company has already accepted / rejected the invitation
  • The email address the invitation was sent to does not match the company email listed on your company page within the portal. Either update your company email address to match, or ask the inviting company to send a new invitation to the email addres listed against your company.
  • The company who invited you has since cancelled the invitation

Xero Integration

Integration setup: Why must I select the organisation I am connecting to twice? To ensure we are connecting to the correct Xero entity. What is the difference between removing versus disconnecting my Xero? The main difference between these actions is what happens if you reconnect your portal and Xero again. If you disconnected your Xero, any records edited prior to a reconnection will sync to Xero once the new connection is established. If you removed the Xero connection, any records edited prior to a reconnection will not sync to Xero once the new connection is established. I want to change the Xero that my Xama portal company integrates with, is this possible? The quick answer is no. If you have changed Xero's we recommend setting up a new company within the Xama Portal and connecting this to your new Xero instance. I have a Xero sync error, what are the common reasons for this? Supplier Sync: The linked Xero contact has been archived in Xero

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