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Use of email connections

Updated: 3 days ago

Why do we ask you to connect your email account?

In order to use the Xama Platform you are required to connect an email account.

This email account connection is only used to send emails.

There are 2 types of emails that will be triggered by the Xama Platform, both sent from the email account you connect

  1. An onboarding email sent to your clients:

  2. This type of email is customisable and contains the link your clients need to follow to complete the onboarding process.

  3. Notification emails sent to an email address you nominate:

  4. These emails will alert you about task completions or required platform actions. For example, when a client completes an onboarding journey.

We always opt to send these emails from your own email account, as opposed to sending them on your behalf, for the below key reasons:

  1. Customer experience:

  2. Sending from your own email account presents the onboarding process as a single smooth journey, without third party involvement

  3. We find that our clients' customers feel more comfortable clicking email links if they know and trust the sender. Sending from your own email account avoids customers contacting you asking about the authenticity of emails received from third party providers.

  4. Spam:

  5. Emails are less likely to go to spam if the receiver knows the sender. Sending from your own email account lessens the risk of onboarding emails going to spam.

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