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Xama Onboarding - Profile Page Explained

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Xama Client ID

This is your unique identifier for our platform. You will need this when setting up a connection with Zapier or other applications. You may also need to include this in correspondence with us if asking for support or purchasing credits in bulk.


These should remain secret and not be distributed outside of your profile page. These details should only be used to authenticate applications such as Zapier with our service. They are essentially a username and password your applications will use for accessing the Xama Onboarding service.

If these credentials become compromised in any way, you should rotate the credentials and update the connections you have established with our onboarding platform.

Buying credits

Although our service is free to access, you will need to buy credits to make compliance and credit checks through our platform. You can purchase credits quickly and easily via your profile page

After purchase, credits may take a minute or two to be recognised within your account.

Customising Onboarding Journeys

When your customers receive a request to submit their residential address details and identity documents we provide some guidance as part of the journey. The initial message they get as well as the message displayed when they complete the journey can be customised. You can customise these messages to be unique to your organisation. You can also upload your own logo.

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