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Xama Onboarding - Your portal explained

Updated: Jun 16


Your Clients

The Xama Client ID shown here is your unique identifier for our platform. You may need to include this in correspondence with us if asking for support or purchasing credits in bulk.

From within this section you can also see how many credits you have available. If you’re running low, you can always purchase more credits via the payments page.


These should remain secret and not be distributed outside of your profile page. These details should only be used to authenticate applications such as Zapier with our service. They are essentially a username and password your applications will use for accessing the Xama Onboarding service.

If these credentials become compromised in any way, you should rotate the credentials and update the connections you have established with our onboarding platform.



Here you can upload your own logo. This logo will appear in the top left corner of the screens your customer is directed through when completing an onboarding journey.

We advise you to always upload a square logo to avoid image distortion.

If you do not upload your own logo, by default the Xama logo will be displayed throughout this user journey.


When your customers receive a request to submit their residential address details and identity documents, we provide some guidance as part of the journey. The initial message they see, as well as the message displayed when they complete the journey, can be customised. You can customise these messages to be unique to your organisation.



Buying credits

Although our service is free to access, you will need to buy credits to make compliance and credit checks through our platform. You can purchase credits quickly and easily via this page.

Auto top up

Enable auto top up so that Xama credits are automatically applied to your account when your credit balance hits or falls below a certain amount.

The default credit card listed on this page will be charged when an auto top up runs.


Xama credit purchases will be listed here.

After purchase, transactions may take a minute or two to be displayed within this list.


Integrate the Xama Onboarding Platform into your CRM or other systems.

Using Pixie? Activate our direct Pixie integration.

Not using Pixie? Use our Zapier or Integromat applications to integrate with thousands of systems.

Wanting to implement the Xama Platform but not quite sure how? Book a free call with us today.

Usage Report

This report shows you a high level summary of your credit usage.

You can also see from this report how many credits you have allocated. Credits are allocated to links that have been sent out to customers which they will use to submit their identity document. As soon as those customers complete their onboarding journey, these credits will become visible on the usage report.

API Documentation

This section is for developers interested in implementing an integration with the Xama Platform. It includes access to swagger documentation and a postman collection.

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