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Xero Integration for Salesforce


Our Xero Integration for Salesforce combines the use of custom objects in Salesforce and an innovative synchronisation engine to ensure a seamless connection of data between Salesforce and Xero.

Connections between information in Salesforce and Xero are maintained, ensuring that ongoing changes within each system is reflected in the other. Updates to Accounts, Invoices, Bills or Custom objects are all supported.

01 / Meta data

Sync your Chart of Accounts and tax codes from Xero into Salesforce to enable error free allocation of nominal codes to Opportunities, Product lines or Custom objects which need to be synced to Xero.​ We also support syncing tracking codes.

02 / Products

Sync Salesforce products with Xero Items to ensure that your inventory are always up to date and to enable accurate tracking of Cost of Sales.

Link nominal codes and tracking to products, automating the coding of transactions.

03 / Accounts

Link Accounts in Salesforce with Contacts in Xero. Never have concerns about your contact data being out of date in one system or the other.

04 / Xero Invoices

View Xero Invoice date in Salesforce, connected to Opportunities, Accounts and any other relevant custom objects. 

Our connector have no limits to which objects you can connect and the workflows you have implemented.

05 / Opportunities

Opportunities can automatically trigger the creation of Invoices in Xero. If you have implemented Products and opportunity product lines, then these will be converted to Xero invoice lines. The created Xero invoice can be seen directly in Salesforce. A status change on the invoice to Paid, can automatically update opportunity data and trigger other Salesforce workflows.

06 / Custom Objects

Do you have any other points of integration that you are interested in between Salesforce and Xero? We can almost certainly support this. Purchase Order, Expenses, Bills, Credit Notes - we can support it all whether you use native Salesforce objects or choose to use custom objects.

You will require access to the Salesforce Web Services API (included in Salesforce Enterprise or Salesforce Ultimate editions) to make use of our connector. Alternatively, you can use Salesforce Professional but will need to upgrade your Salesforce instance to gain access to the Web Services API.


Setup and Configuration

Our solutions range from standard integrations of meta-data, accounts and opportunity to invoice syncs to complicated integrations which may create multiple accounting entries based on changes made in Salesforce to custom objects.


Setup can range from 1 day to complex custom implementations that typically takes up to one or two weeks to complete.


Throughout the process we will work with you to prepare a solution which works best for your implementation of Salesforce and Xero. 

All of our implementations come with a fixed cost estimation meaning you can be reassured that costs cannot spiral out of control.

Two Computer Screens
Two Computer Screens
Going Live and Support

We will partner with you to ensure your integration between Salesforce and Xero is a success.

We do comprehensive testing on your sandbox and ensure that initial data is mapped appropriately between Salesforce and Xero. An example of such a mapping would be Accounts in Salesforce mapped to Xero Contacts and matching historic Xero invoices to Accounts and Opportunities.

Our support do not stop once implementation is complete but will continue throughout the lifetime of using our integration.

Should you need ad-hoc Salesforce administration support we can also faciltate this to ensure your combined implementation of Salesforce and Xero contunue to run smoothly.


We offer enterprise level integration features and support at small business pricing. We have been developing Xero integrations for many years and understand that Xero customers expect rich functionality for a reasonable price. As our implementations almost always have some custom features developed to enhance the user experience we provide different pricing depending on the volume of transactions you wish to process and the complexity of your integration. Indicative pricing is listed below, but contact us for a free consultation and a more accurate estimate of implementation and subscription fees.

01 / £75 / month

Sync meta-data, products and accounts data between Salesforce and Xero.

Create invoices in Xero from Opportunities, including invoice lines from Opportunity products.

View all Xero invoices, with status updates in Salesforce. Trigger workflows in Salesforce when the status on an invoice changes.

Implementation is typically completed within one week.

02 / £150 / month

Create Xero entries, such as Purchase Orders and Bills from custom objects in Salesforce.

Customise workflows in Salesforce based on integration from Salesforce.


We provide an almost real time sync, other than most other solutions which may only sync information once an hour.

Implementation is typically completed within 2 weeks.

03 / £250 / month

More complicated 2 way sync between Salesforce and Xero or creating multiple accounting entries (journals / deposits / credit notes).

Do you have a shop integrated to Xero and would like to automatically add new customers to Salesforce and get our connector to create Opportunities or Custom objects in Salesforce based on new orders feeding into Xero from your online shop? Whilst we look to always keep integrations as uncomplicated as possible, there is almost no limit to what we can faciliate through our innovative connector.

Implementation typically takes 2 to 4 weeks.

Xama Technologies combines the experience of our development team and background of working with small to medium businesses to provide integrated solutions that work.

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