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Xero Integration for SAP Concur


SAP Concur provides expense, travel and invoice management all within one platform, meaning you only need this one application to control all expenditure within your business. Our Connector completes a seamless integration of Expense and Invoice data into Xero.

01 / Data Transfer

Seamless transfer of expense and invoice information from SAP Concur to Xero. All information is transferred into Xero as Purchase Invoices.

02 / Image Transfer

Images attached to Invoices and receipts attached to Expense Claims are automatically transferred to Xero and attached to a Purchase Invoice.

03 / Implementation

Implementation is easy and takes only 30 minutes. Our service is a cloud hosted integration service with no software to install.

04 / Pricing

Our pricing is affordable from £30 / month for up to 20 Expense Claims or 100 Invoices. Prices scale with the volume of transactions you need to process.

05 / Multiple Ledgers

Integration one SAP Concur instance to multiple Xero ledgers. If you are using multiple Xero instances to run your group of companies, you can track all expenses and invoices through SAP Concur and integrate seamlessly integrate to multiple Xero instances.

06 / Billables

Allocate expenses to Customers in SAP Concur and make use of the Billable Expenses feature in Xero to make invoicing customers seamless.

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